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SELL YOUR BUSINESS -from only 4.99%+gst ,and payable only after the successful Sale of your Business-call now to discuss your business requirements further , and with no Obligation

Selling FAQ’s

Yes. We strongly recommend that you obtain the services of independent legal and financial advisors to ensure that your legal, financial and taxation matters are correctly handled.

Premier Business Brokers provides in-house drafting of the prescribed Contract of Sale for the business, however, it is advisable to seek independent advice before signing any documents. Our contract drafting will save you time and money and is the prescribed Contract of Sale provided by the Business Licencing Authority in Victoria (BLA).

Yes. Premier Business Brokers has a large network of prospective buyers to ensure that when your business is listed, the right eyes are looking at it. Our dedicated team will work hard to find a buyer for your business.

An appraisal takes into consideration many factors including financial return, business health, trading history and much more. A Premier Business broker will supplement this with historical sales and market data for most industries. This is another clear advantage of engaging a Premier Business broker to assist with the sale of your business.

Premier Business Brokers provide free appraisals to anyone interested in selling their business. There is no obligation to sell with us and we often help clients plan for a sale in the future.

Privacy & discretion are a fundamental part of our processes which are designed to protect our client’s confidentiality.  We require prospective buyers to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and provide current photo ID to ensure that proprietary information relating to your business remains private. The information you have made available to Premier Business Brokers is only delivered to qualified prospective buyers. As a seller, we offer you full transparency over these processes throughout the sale.

On average a business will usually sell within three to six months, provided it is priced correctly, presented well and marketed to the right target audience.

Contact any one of our business brokers via mobile or email, you can find the details to all our brokers on the “Meet the Team” page. You can also contact our office directly, we’re open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, phone 0412 884 611, via email – premierbrokers@optusnet.com.au or our website -If you would like to schedule an appointment, call or send your request with preferred times and we will be happy to schedule one right away.

Fees and Commissions for Real Estate Agents in Victoria are deregulated and negotiable with your Broker. Premier Business Brokers only charge a fee when your business is successfully sold.

Professional standards and operations you can rely on.

Since then we have literally sold thousands of businesses making us one of Australia’s premier business brokers.

There are many reasons why you should see us when selling your business:

  • We have the largest full-time team of business sales experts
    Most of our brokers have been business owners themselves which means that they can give you advice based on actual experience rather than theory or second hand knowledge
  • We work as a team so clients benefit from our collective effort, knowledge, network and experience. Our brokers can sell any of the businesses that we have for sale
  • We have the experience and network gained from thousands of successful sales
  • We have a large database of qualified purchasers who are actively looking to buy a business as well as an extensive network of prospective purchasers who are kept informed of opportunities by weekly mailouts as well as individual contact for relevant businesses
  • We have advanced systems and a dedicated and experienced support team
  • We fully support and adhere to the industry and compliance standards of the REIV and AIBB.
  • We are Certified Business Valuers and accredited members of the REIV and AIBB
  • We are a successful company with a long history of service to Melbourne’s business community. We invest in our business and our people and strive to continuously improve the standard of service that we provide
  • We have a huge number of satisfied clients resulting in a significant amount of repeat business with clients buying and selling numerous businesses through us
  • Our system allows potential buyers to create individualised “alerts” that inform them as soon as a business that meets their specific needs becomes available
  • We provide personalised service. Although we work as a team, vendors work with the one broker who will get to know you and your business
  • We have a multilingual sales team to help both local and overseas buyers
    Our systems and processes ensure strict adherence to confidentiality and discretion for both buyer and the vendor.

We need a period of exclusivity to ensure that only our marketing of your business is visible in the marketplace. Having the one agent guarantees that the sales message remains consistent and that confidentiality is properly maintained.

A seller’s instinct is to ask for an all-cash deal from a purchaser. However, in the current economic climate it may be difficult for some small businesses to acquire finance from banks and traditional lending institutions. Thus vendor financing may be part of many small business acquisitions.

Vendor financing also makes sense for both the vendor and the purchaser for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if the vendor is willing to provide financing, it shows the purchaser that the vendor is confident that the business will continue to perform at the same level or better to cover the financing. It also works for the vendor, because businesses that include vendor financing typically attract more initial interest from purchasers and often generate a higher sales price than a business without vendor financing. In some cases, the ongoing payments and interest on the loan also suit the interests of the vendor as they can be better than what may have otherwise been achieved in a bank. In short, providing vendor financing is an important part of setting both price and terms of sale, and could make the difference between selling your business for a top price and not being able to sell it at all.

SELL YOUR BUSINESS -from only 4.99%+gst ,and payable only after the successful Sale of your Business-call now to discuss your business requirements further , and with no Obligation